Steel Grating - 1

Steel Grating - 1

Product Description

O Bar grating designed with a good percentage of open gaps
O Suitable for use in areas requiring good ventilation and emission of light
O Its installation is easy and simple, and hence time saving
O As the grating is easily cut according to required specifications, that makes the field work simple and quick
O Materials: Mild (low carbon steel) and stainless steel
O Plain and serrated style steel grating and I bar type
O Finished: Hot dip galvanized, untreated and painting
O Plain style: Plain steel grating is one of the most widely applied type and mainly used for platforms, walkways, drainage pit cove and stair tread
O Type of steel grating which pitch of bars is 30mm is used most widely for all sectors of industry and it has the greater resistance to surface impact
O Type of steel grating which pitch of bars is 40mm is widely used in the industry field too and for the suitable interval of the bars so it always economical and lightweight
O Type of steel grating which with pitch of bars is 60mm, cross bars pitch 50mm has been developed specially for mining industry and lightweight, in case of short spans they can meet a variety of uses
• Stainless steel grating is widely used in food processing, shipbuilding, petrochemical, waste water treatment, demanding the use of environment corrosion, stainless steel grating selection and selection of carbon steel grating, like, surface treatment with acid white, passivation, polishing, shot blasting, sandblasting, and others, 304, 316, 316 L stainless steel, and other general use
• Grating the superiority of the applications and specific purposes:
O Save the material: To bear the same load conditions, the best way to save materials, the corresponding support structure of the material can be reduced
O Reduced investment: Saving materials, and labor, provincial period, free cleaning and maintenance
O The construction is simple: In the pre-installed bearing on the clamping bolt, one person only
O Save construction period: Products without on-site re-processing, installation is very quick
O Durable: The factory corrosion protection by hot-dip zinc, impact resistance and pressure capability
O Modern-style: Beautiful shape, design, air and light, giving the overall smooth modern feel
O Structural light: A small timber, structural light, and easy lifting
O Anti-product contamination: Not active rain, snow and dust
O To reduce air resistance: For better ventilation, windy air resistance is small, to reduce wind damage
O The design is simple: No small beam, simple structure, design simplification, without grating design detailing, you can only specify model factory to be able to custom design layout plan
O Superior performance: Ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, non-slip performance is good.

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